How We Do Business

Doers USA is devoted to being our customers #1 resource for mats, needle-punch broadloom, commercial, industrial, and OEM products. We thrive on helping our customers succeed by focusing on integrity, account relationship needs, and our guaranteed customer satisfaction established through honesty. And we don’t stop there, we believe in the difference a great product, a great company, and great people can make to achieve long term success.

Looking beyond ourselves, we insist that all standards are upheld in all areas of business from environmental to social standards. We take part in celebrating and empowering our employee’s and customer’s success, along with supporting our local communities. We understand that how we do business is just as important as the business itself.

About Us

Since the first needle-punched carpet production line in 1986 Doers USA has been driven by innovation, quality, and customer success. Dedicated to manufacturing high quality products while keeping sustainability at the fore front by producing products made with recycled and renewable resources, Doers USA is quickly becoming a leader in the matting, non-woven needle-punch carpet, and OEM industries.

In addition to Doers USA’s own advanced factories, with 14 production lines for needle-punched carpet and can produce 15 million square yards of automotive interior materials, 18 million square yards of decorative materials per year, and currently have acquired 16 patented products, Doers USA has also partnered with state-of-the-art manufacturing and resource facilities all over the world that meet the global ISO standards and quality control protocols. Doers USA has devoted time, energy and funds in environmentally responsible practices, from developing renewably sourced products to keeping our facilities and delivery systems streamlined and efficient.

With our inventory warehouse located in Georgia, Doers USA can meet the inventory needs to guarantee customer satisfaction and excellence. As well as various customization capabilities to ensure customer growth, Doers USA has established sales channels that reach into all B2B markets including:

  • Retailers
  • Home Centers
  • Distributors
  • Builders
  • Mass Merchants
  • e-Commerce
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality

Doers USA has made it a mission not only to be a trusted dependable resource but to build long-term lasting customer success through sustainability, innovation, economic viability, and integrity.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment as a manufacture and a global supplier are to implement a culture of environmental headship, listen to the needs and requirements of our customers, push the continuation of innovative and demanded product development, while standing strong behind our products.

We are committed to empowering our employee’s, our customer’s, and our community through honesty, integrity, and consistency; hence, we are committed to becoming a resource and a company that can be the difference and make a difference.