Doers USA is outstanding in producing quality specialty materials to the automotive, geotextile, industrial, home furnishing, and specialty industries. We stay abreast of technological advances to ensure the finest quality nonwoven fabrics for our customers.


Doers USA has a wide range of thermoformable and acoustical products that are designed to fit many automotive needs. From trunk liners to wheel well liners, we provide environmentally friendly engineered nonwoven fabrics.


Doers USA has numerous products for filtration, stabilization, and reinforcement for roads, landscaping, erosion control, separation, and drainage.


Doers USA has nonwoven expertise in the industrial sector working with design and product engineers to develop cutting edge materials across a vast scope of industrial applications. Doers USA prides itself on our willingness to partner with customers in development activities. From construction fabrics to industrial absorbent applications, Doers USA is a major producer of interior and exterior nonwoven fabrics.

Home Furnishing

Doers USA's offerings in the Home Furnishing sector are specifically engineered for Furniture and Bedding Industries. Providing dimensionally stable products in a variety of colors with high quality standards insured by Doers USA's stringent quality control. We also provide specialty niche products in the acoustical and flooring industries as well.


Doers USA is a producer of synthetic fibers in staple polyester. The product range includes first grade fibers for hi-tech applications and environmentally friendly fibers produced from post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials. We current specialize in supplying the following markets: Spinning, Filtration, Bedding (Hollow), Furniture, Automotive, and Geotextiles.