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Lulu's Story - Founding DOERS USA

"My history is not the typical manufacturing story you are used to hearing, but if by sharing my trials, failures, and successes could empower someone else, well that is reason enough. Every day in this world we all face challenges and adversity that sometimes seems too much to overcome but one must always stand back up.” - Lulu



As cliché as it sounds, I am “daddy's little girl”, but the time I was able to spend with my father was limited due to my father having to live in an underdeveloped city for years because of the demand and location of his auto parts factory. It was these conditions that resulted in my mother and I live hundreds of miles away so we could have a better living environment.

Summers at the Factory

In 2003, my father bought a state-owned hemp textile factory. In order to spend more time with him I talked my father into letting me spend my summer vacation working in his factory. Yes, I pulled the “daddy’s little girl” card. This would become the first of many summers that would develop my love for manufacturing and the hardships that came with being a female in the industry.


Thirst for Knowledge


During my first summer, I watched my father recognize the factory’s impact on the environment and the employees. I watched as he developed a passion for stainability. Along my father’s side, I soaked up the knowledge, passion, and drive he showcased as he started to spend time turning his factory into a high-efficiency and low–pollution facility. He introduced new equipment and technology while implementing the use of recycled and biodegradable materials. And so, my thirst for manufacturing and the environment started to kindle.

Family Culture

I started my hands-on learning from the ground up by working in the factory’s automotive parts production department, packaging, logistics, and completing administrative tasks. My breaks were spent with the factory workers taking in first-hand knowledge, tips, and advice about the everyday manufacturing experience. The best part, they all became not only my friends but my family. I started to see the family atmosphere I desired to have in my own company one day.




Sharing the dream of my own company with my father, he started to devote the time and energy to make sure I had all the hands-on experience I would need to be successful. I continued to add skills needed in different areas: customer service, customer relationship management, human resources, and business development. However, the more I grew with knowledge and within the company, I started to hit barriers. This was not received as a place for women by many. Self-doubt was born and along with it my motivation and passion started to wane. Up until this point, I had never once doubted myself. It’s unnerving how much words can affect someone.

Overcoming Diversity

I traveled with my father to Germany to visit eco-friendly advanced factories learning how to innovate and improve factory conditions. I handled issues and mistakes within the company. When we faced a setback with the company that resulted in unsatisfied customers, I went door to door to personally apologize and to resolve the issues. This was when I realized I had to stand back up and do what I was passionate about! No one said it was going to be easy. As a woman, a college graduate, and half my life with hands-on experience from the ground up, the barriers I faced as a woman never stopped but my self-doubt did!



In 2017, Doers USA was incorporated. Starting out with unfished needle-punch goods and door mats. Today, we have increased to OEM & Industrial, Commercial, and new product lines within our Home segment. As we grow, we are developing a culture that encourages growth and success within a family-oriented company. Doers USA supports several non-profits and empowers ALL!

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